We are happy to have been part of the most important two centuries of our planet. 

Titanic v2: ✅

Most tragic terroristic attack: ✅

War v2 (even not taking part on WW1 and WW2): ✅

Seeing things in real life, that in future will be just available on videos: ✅

Seeing the beauty of the nature when it gets angry: ✅

Chernobyl v2: ✅

Being able to see good things released, before the switch to shitty downgraded things: ✅

Being part of the possible future, even technology related: ✅

Being part of the transition analog - digital: ✅

Seeing directly how humans can just destroy our planet: ✅

Being part of most beautiful festivals, that got just deleted with no sense: ✅

Being able to see the beauty of Switzerland, than in future will be just a picture: ✅

Seeing the amazing transition of old to new architecture projects (even if some new projects are just looking shit): ✅

Taking part of the old to new music style transition: ✅



Remember, no matter what will happen, Telegram is and remains the best social in the world, even if most people still haven't understand, preferring to use shitty downgraded and limited social networks, like they do with tons other things in their lives. 


In the last last weeks we focused just on things that really matter for the future our planet. We really hope that people will start to don't give shit to such things, ignoring facts because it's easier doing nothing and waiting that things happen. We are trying to transmit most important informations, so that they will be available forever.


Currently Telegram is just a discriminated social, like Reddit, even by big business. Telegram is used by 3 cats, like many other good things released on this planet, no matter if Telegram is saying bullshit about 800 mio active users.


We hope that with our projects we were able to change the future of social networking.